About the Show

Knight & Hale's Ultimate Hunting has been a mainstay of outdoor television for over a decade. Centered around the compelling personalities of hunting experts and innovators David Hale and Harold Knight, the show has become one of the most popular outdoor programs on the air. David and Harold's home-grown ability to tell a story, along with superb camerawork, state-of-the-art graphics and unique guests makes Ultimate Hunting, not only entertaining but extremely useful to the hunting audience. Each episode features multiple hunts from various locations across this great land. And there are special tips from David, Harold and other experts.
From July through December, the program focuses on breathtaking whitetail deer, turkey and Rocky Mountain Elk hunts. And there are a good number of waterfowl trips thrown in for good measure. Whatever the hot species or method, David Hale and Harold Knight are always ahead of the curve...way ahead of the curve.

Whether the viewer enjoys hunting with a rifle, muzzleloader, shotgun or bow, the Ultimate Hunting crew captures the experience up close and personal, behind the gun sights, down the arrow shaft, all pointing to that dramatic moment when the hunt comes to its culmination. Live the outdoors with Knight & Hale's Ultimate Hunting seen on The Outdoor Channel 26 weeks a year. You won't want to miss a minute!

Harold Knight and David Hale are legends that helped usher in the new age of hunting, and Ultimate Hunting -- now in its 15th season -- continues to provide the excitement, education and camaraderie that's made Knight and Hale the foundation of game calling. Ride with Harold, David and a variety of experts as they drive the backroads of our country in pursuit of deer, turkeys, elk and everything else fit to hunt.

Knight & Hale's Ultimate Hunting is like hunting with an old and trusted friend. Whether it's elk in Colorado, deer in Illinois or turkeys anywhere in the country, Ultimate Hunting is just that -- the ultimate in hunting entertainment and education.

Saturday 9:30pm EST
plus two bonus airings
Outdoor Channel
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